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New Market 

Canadian Solar Inc.

The s2e Technologies team developed an innovative and successful business model that derived in the creation of Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc., achieving the development of more than 800 MW of clean, renewable energy projects in Ontario.

Our partner Canadian Solar Inc. is a global manufacturer and solar energy supplier with a presence in twenty four countries and six continents. It has a wide network of energy supply, with more than 8,900 employees worldwide.

Its projects mean more than 15 GW of shipments of solar panels across the world, which translates to more than 70 million photovoltaic modules produced in the last 15 years.

For s2e Technologies, Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. is a key partner in developing cutting-edge projects and alternatives for the generation of clean and sustainable energies.

s2e Tecnhologies Executive Team designed, implemented and led a wide variety of activities to bring Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. to the forefront of the solar power industry in Canada.

These lines of action range from the development of photovoltaic technology projects, including their manufacturing and assembly of solar photovoltaic panels; engineering, financing and construction, operation and maintenance, as well as the search for future projects and the administration of facilities capable of producing 450 MW of energy per year.

But above all, we collaborated in the construction of a solid network of photovoltaic energy clients and their associates.

The end result is a successful solar energy business model, developed by s2e Technologies for Canadian Solar Inc.



  • We designed and implemented an innovative and successful business model that goes from manufacturing to project development. 
  • We developed more than 800 MW of projects.
  • We designed and built the manufacturing plant in Guelph, Ontario, with an annual capacity of 450 MW.
  • We promoted a business of more than 2 billion dollars for Canadian Solar Solutions, Inc.

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