The cost of intelligent technologies and renewable energy has dropped dramatically in recent years, making the concept of a SMART Community possible from a technical, environmental sustainable and economic perspective.

s2e Technologies vision has proven – using their expertise and cutting-edge technology – that sustainable communities can be built and provide value to community members, developers and investors.

SMART Communities include smart sustainable systems for generating and storing renewable energy, water management, transportation and urban agriculture, promoting enviromentally friendly and comfortable urban developments and lifestyles.

West 5

Located in west London, Ontario, Canada, this s2e Technologies planned urban development covers an area of 70 acres with 2,000 housing units, 300,000 square feet of commercial space and 100,000 square feet of executive space.

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West 5 MicroGrid

In order to conduct a study establishing the feasibility of creating an external DC Microgrid to feed the new renewable energy needs of the West 5 SMART Community in London, Ontario, s2e Technologies put together -jointly with the University of Waterloo and University of Western Ontario- research groups that made this concept possible.

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SMART Communities Feasibility Studies

s2e Technologies launched eight research and development projects in four Canadian cities, to establish SMART Communities’ first feasibility model that can be adopted by the various municipalities in Canada.

s2e Technologies is leading and guiding the SMART Community feasibility model research that is conducted by renowned Canadian universities, by providing our expertise in renewable energy, SMART Community development, Internet of Things (IoT), and information technologies.

We start with the evaluation of a concept

We carry out a detailed project feasibility study and preliminary design concepts.
We evaluate the local energy needs to conceptualize the opportunities and solutiones for the generation of energy in situ, as well as water management solutions, efficient building systems, community technology solutions, telecommunication security and urban food.
We evaluate the opportunities to integrate community inclusive intelligent technologies.

Let’s be smart

We look for ways to simplify projects.
Redesigned with community vision: we put people first.
Net-zero energy: our priority is to conserve before generate.
We take advantage of local materials, human and technical resources.
We use subtle technologies to monitor and manage performance.

Making it posible

We treat our partners and suppliers with fairness and respect.
We manage the project with intelligent methods (like BIM).
We monitor progress, staying on track.
We register projects experiences, and respond immediately.

We celebrate your sucess

s2e Technologies projects are changing the world as well as the industry leadership.
Tell us your story! At s2e Technologies we have access to media, business events and various publications to help you be heard.

We are here to help

You are not alone. s2e Technologies has the experience you require.
SMART means to think ahead with a new perspective.
We specialize in change management.
Our projects are recognized as leading the industry.
We are ready to work with you.

SMART Communities are better for everyone: for those who live and work in them, for the cities that provide them, and for the companies that build them.

They are built with high standards and solid investment results. We have the sustained support of government entities and partners, resulting in low risk investment opportunities and diversification of benefits in our new business models.

For SMART Community builders, the differential factor is health, comfort, sustainability and independence.

For local governments, SMART Communities reduce the burden on infrastructure. They contribute to reducing energy expenditure in the local economy, attract sustainable workplaces and allow the long term business generation.

And for citizens, SMART Communities are simply smarter.

They offer better standards of health, of habitability; of sustainable places to live, work and recharge.

They are safer, closer to where they need to be, and offer greater independence and are more resilient to energy costs fluctuations. Our market research proves it: people love living in our SMART Communities.

SMART Communities are built by SMART Teams, and we pride ourselves in putting together the best teams. There are unique work groups behind each project that we customize, seamlessly integrating partners and maximizing individual successes.

These are some of the associates we have worked with on previous and present projects. Contact us to collaborate with you and stimulate your projects!

The s2e Technologies team has unparalleled technical and experiential expertise in SMART Community developments. As a group, we have accumulated several decades of experience, dozens of awards at all levels, and a portfolio of projects in all dimensions, covering the needs of most industries on several continents.

The members of our team have contributed to the design of some the most important official programs regarding SMART Communities around the world, and are knowledgeable about all relevant initiatives such as Energy Star and LEED, to Net Zero Energy and Feed-in Tariffs. In addition, we collaborate in information technology and energy research for manufacturing and other industries, energy parks and planned communities.

We know SMART Communities, the products used to buld them, the processes they require, the programs that define and support them, as well as the people who live in them.

With s2e Technologies at your side, you are in the most capable hands.

We walked on the streets of Ontario asking a simple question:

What makes a home?

s2e Technologies is making a difference. And we believe in making a difference as well”.

Sifton Properties

“This concept creates spaces for communities as it reduces the impact on the enviroment”.

London Hydro

Be Part of a Better World

Together we can develop the best solution.

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