West 5 Microgrid



University of Waterloo / University of Western Ontario


In order to conduct a study establishing the feasibility of creating an external Direct Current (DC) Microgrid to feed the new renewable energy needs at the West 5 SMART Community in London, Ontario, s2e Technologies formed research groups with the help of University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario, to bring this concept to life.

Financial support for this feasibility study was made through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, or FCM, and the Green Municipal Fund, or GMF, which brings together contributions from both industry and government. 

In addition, recent graduates of the Canadian university system are offered financial support by MITACS (originally “The Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems”), a non-profit, national research organization that manages and funds research and training programs for undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in partnership with universities, industry and government in Canada.

The West 5 community is designed to become a city that runs fully on renewable energy. However, the new charging needs of electric vehicles imply new demand for energy, which presented new challenges to overcome.

Through a research project coordinated with the best universities in Canada, s2e Technologies proposed the incorporation of a Direct Current Microgrid, an unexplored model with few development examples, in which field we are the pioneers of this research.

s2e Technologies put together highly qualified research teams in the field of Direct Current Microgrid networks, including designing renewable energy resources, incorporating means of energy storage, building circuit protection, and developing communication and control strategies to ensure the robustness and profitability of each project.

Consequently, s2e Technologies will define the methodology and location of the sites adjacent to West 5, where we can develop additional sources of photovoltaic energy collection, as well as tracing the wiring routes and the plans to establish external power lines.

The goal is to have, within West 5, through efficient investments, an implementation of charging stations, and additional stations that feed public lighting and if necessary, serve as an energy backup.





  • West 5’s current projected performance is 6 MW.
  • The incorporation of electric vehicles will significantly raise demand for renewable energy.
  • At least 200 electric vehicle charging stations are projected for West 5 in the coming years.
  • This implies the need for additional 3 MW of photovoltaic energy.

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